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The NLP Cypher | 04.17.22

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5 min readApr 18, 2022


An updated chart w/r/t the last newsletter. This is the DeepSparse Engine and how it performs against ONNX runtime (deets above). With each new DeepSparse version release; inference performance just keeps on improving while you drink your Mai Tai. 🍾

Sad Tales from the Dark Web

Dread our favorite dark site continues to deal with active DDoS attacks.

A PGP message…

OH … ever had anyone post a file you didn’t trust? Dangerzone comes in handy, but as usual, I wouldn’t know anything about this. 😉

Business is hard bruh

Elon got bored and decided to buy Twitter this past week. He claims to want to make Twitter’s algo open-source. The first flex:

Elon applied further pressure, by initially joining and then deciding not to join Twitter’s board, then offering 43Billi to get the whole pie … Twitter CEO explains 🤣👇

the flex continues …

We can expect further trolls from Elon in the near future.

… the source code: Elon’s Twitter Buyout Doc

… Substack throwing up gang signs already 😭:

Dall-E 2 vs. Latent-Diffusion | Thoughts?

Colab of the Week 🏆Latent-Diffusion Notebook

Megatron-DeepSpeed Hacks from BigScience

What’s Megatron-DeepSpeed?

Quick start script for Megatron-DeepSpeed:


A gallery for benchmarking Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) based on pure PyTorch backend.

HTTPie: Human-Friendly CLI HTTP Client

UFOs and OSINT | A Repo (Yes, this is real)

UFO research is so lit, it’s now expanding into GitHub. 😭

ok, ok, last thing on UFOs (promise)

❤️Thanks for the big up Francesco!


Keyphrase Boundary Infilling with Replacement (KBIR) achieves SOTA performance for the task of keyphrase extraction.

KBART model achieves SOTA performance on the task of keyphrase generation.

Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2112.08547

YouTube: https://youtu.be/W31PKHl5gvo

NLP Models | A Timeline

Sami Nas

Knowledge Graphs ICLR 2021

ICLR 2021 papers summary.

Knowledge Distillation with Haystack

Hey Deepset, if you’re reading this, let’s parlay homies!😍⭐

Question Answering from UKP et al

Question Answering (QA) platform to enable users to easily implement, manage and share their custom QA pipelines.

It’s got a UI too.

Papers to Read 📚


NLP Index👨‍💻

A collection of recently released repos that caught our 👁

End-to-End Speech Translation for Code Switched Speech

Code switching in the context of English/Spanish conversations for the task of speech translation (ST), generating and evaluating both transcript and translation.

InCoder: A Generative Model for Code Infilling and Synthesis

A unified generative model that can perform program synthesis (via left-to-right generation) as well as editing (via infilling). The model is the first generative model that is able to directly perform zero-shot code infilling.



Ricky Costa

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