The NLP Cypher | 05.01.22

>>> curl -L http://git\.io/unix

Hey Welcome back! Want to start off by giving a few shout outs!!!

  1. Hectiq.AI hosted the big-yaml — Neural Magic’s config to serve 19 BERT models simultaneously, all under 16GBs of RAM! 😍 Demo
  2. If you want to know more about the demo above, you can read about it here: Thank you KDnuggets and Towards AI! 🚀
  3. Scrape tweets with Twint and classify it with a Neural Magic Sparse Transformer: Code 🧙‍♂️

ICLR Happened:







FormNet: A New Model for Document Understanding

Gets SOTA performance on the CORD, FUNSD, and Payment benchmarks.

WaNLI: Generate Your Own NLI dataset

Run Python in the Browser via HTML

The makers of Anaconda came out with this. 🍾❤️

Has only been tested on Chrome thus far.


DALL-E-2 | Performance and Limitations

Limitations of DALL-E-2 | a thread 🧵

DALL-E-2 PyTorch Implementation

Lucidrains for the win!

SEAL 🦭 Search Engines w/ Autoregressive LMs

Thread 🧵


GPT-NeoX Annotated


DiffCSE — Meta’s New Sentence Embeddings Library


OpenAIs New Clip Model

(a silent drop)

Get Stoic

Papers to Read 📚

NLP Index👨‍💻

A collection of recently released repos that caught our 👁

LitMind Dictionary

An open-source online generative dictionary that takes a word and context containing the word as input and automatically generates a definition as output.

Connected Papers 📈




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Ricky Costa

Ricky Costa

Subscribe to the NLP Cypher newsletter for the latest in NLP & ML code/research. 🤟

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