The NLP Cypher | 11.21.21

PyTorch LIT (talkin’ bout Inference)

Model Size x 18 = Model Memory Required

A Convenient Collection of Simple Python Code Snippets

OpenAI’s API Goes Open Range

G5 Instances at AWS w/ A10G GPUs

Hop: Reading Files without Extracting Archive

InfraNodus | Text Analysis Software

Distributed Training w/ PyTorch Lightning and Ray

Papers to Read 📚

Repo Cypher 👨‍💻

Improving DeBERTa using ELECTRA Style Pre-Training with Gradient-Disentangled Embedding Sharing. On GLUE it achieves a 91.37% average score, which is 1.37% over DeBERTa and 1.91% over ELECTRA, setting a new state-of-the-art (SOTA) among the models with a similar structure.

A benchmark for Data Centric AI. It benchmarks how data modification can impact model’s performance. You can modify the training set and validation set, re-split the training set and validation set, or add data by non-crawler methods. The modification can be done by algorithms or programs or in combination with manual methods.

Dynamic-TinyBERT, a TinyBERT model that utilizes sequence-length reduction and Hyperparameter Optimization for enhanced inference efficiency per any computational budget. Dynamic-TinyBERT is trained only once, performing on-par with BERT and achieving an accuracy-speedup trade-off superior to any other efficient approaches (up to 3.3x with <1% loss drop).




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Ricky Costa

Ricky Costa

Subscribe to the NLP Cypher newsletter for the latest in NLP & ML code/research. 🤟

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